Yealink – How to create (invite) SIP call to extension on LAN via SIPVicious

1. Download & Install Python 2.7.5 and install it on your PC (link below)

2. Ensure you can ping to the VOIP vLan where the Yealink Phone is connected.

3. Download SIPVicious folder and extract it to C:\ (link below)

4. Go to C:\sipvicious folder -> Edit ‘’ file with Notepad++

5. Change these lines to use Fake Display name TheGhost | Fake Extension 2000 | Fake IP | Port 5060 :

class DrinkOrSip:
   def __init__(self,scaniter,selecttime=0.005,compact=False, bindingip='',
            fromname='TheGhost',fromaddr='sip:2000@', extension=2000,

6. Open CMD as admin and go to C:\sipvicious folder

7. Run first this command to obtain the active Yealink phones IPs on your LAN:

svmap -v

8. Choose the relevant IP you want to call him, and run this command: -m INVITE

*You must see this output