Windows – Create Alert on Low Disk space

Step 1: Open Performance Monitor -> Expand Data Collector Sets -> Right click on User Defined -> New -> Data Collector Set

Set NameSelect Create manually (advanced), On next screen, Select Performance Counter Alert


After it has been created, Right click on it -> Properties -> Add Schedule as you want

Then, Set Overall duration to 5 seconds (it’s enough) -> Click OK


Then, Right click on DataCollector01 -> Add Alert (explained in next step) -> Choose Free Megabytes


Set Below limit in MB -> Set Sample Interval again to 5 Seconds

Select [v] Log an entry in the application event log -> OK


Right Click and Start (to create a first Event ID for next steps)


Step 2: Open Event Viewer -> Go to Applications and Services Logs -> Microsoft -> Windows

Find: Diagnosis-PLA, Expand operational -> Right click on Event ID 2031 -> Attach Task To This Event…


Set Action to Start a program


Browse and select LowSpace.bat file

Then, Select [v] ‘Open the Properties dialog for this task when I click Finish’



Step 3: Task properties


When Drive C: will have less than 3GB, the .bat script will run and will send email through vbs file.