VMware – Connecting to vPostgres Database in a Windows installed vCenter Server

  1. To obtain the credentials to connect to the vCenters vPostgres database open the C:\ProgramData\VMware\vCenterServer\cfg\vmware-vpx\vcdb.properties file in a plain text editor.
  1. Note the database name after the port in the URL string.
          Example: url = jdbc:postgresql:/localhost:5432/VCDB
          Note: VCDB is the database name in this example.
  1. Note the username in the string username = username.
          Exampleusername = vc
          Note: vc is the username in this example.
  1. Note the password in the string password = password.
           Example: password = [email protected]+P1
           Note[email protected]+P1 is the password in this example.
  1. Click Start > Run type in cmd and press Enter.
  2. Change to the C:\Program Files\VMware\vCenter Server\vPostgres\bin\ directory.
          Note: The drive letter may vary based on installation options.
  1. Connect to the postgres database by running the psql command:
              psql -U username database_name

           Note: Replace username with the username noted in steps 3, and database_name with the database name noted in step 2.
           Examplepsql -U vc VCDB

  1. Enter the password found in step 4 when prompted.
  2. To verify connectivity to the database run the following command:
    \c database_name

           Note: Replace database_name with the database name found in step 2.
           Example\c VCDB
      You are now connected to database “VCDB” as user “vc”

  1. To exit the database type \q and press Enter.