Skype – Avoid prompt for admin credentials on each update

Microsoft recently confirms that in their recent Skype versions from last year, user cannot disable by menu or bypass the auto-update.

If it happens to your domain users in your organization and refusing this Upgrade pop-up effecting Skype not to run, you need to follow these steps to solve it:

Step 1:  you first need to completely Uninstall Skype from his PC through Programs and Features.

Step 2: Download last Skype classic version from this link (it not appears anymore on official site):

Step 3: Install the classic version and ensure it’s not newer than


Step 4: Before you launch it and login the account, you must open Services (as administrator) and set ‘Skype Updater’ to Disable

Step 5: Login your account and now you have permanent Skype without prompt for credentials every few days.

Enjoy 🙂