MassMailer Guide

Recommended Configuration for mails per hour 

  • 5000 batch every 2 hours
  • Use different domains
  • Add ptr record for every domain
  • Use different ips

Avoid This in Mail Layout 


  • An entire email composed of capital letters
  • Frequent, random capitalization
  • Excessive punctuation, especially “$” and “!”
  • Strange spacing or excessive amounts of blank space
  • Poor spelling
  • HTML forms, JavaScript, or embedded objects (like flash or ActiveX) in the content
  • Links created by link shorteners
  • Frequent variations in text color and size

Use This in Mail Layout 


  • Send in the MIME format that includes both HTML and plain text parts
  • Use URLs linked to domains, not IP addresses
  • Use URLs from trusted, not blacklisted domains
  • Keep 35:65 image-to-text ratio