ManageEngine ServiceDesk – AD Connect + SQL Commands

Active Directory Connection


1.First, Create a new computer account on your AD

Download this file, change suffix to .vbs and locate in C:\


Open CMD as admin in your Domain Controller and run this command:

C:\NewComputerAccount.vbs yourportal /p password /d DOMAIN

Ensure you get a pop-up with ‘SUCCESSFUL’ and you see a new computer object in your Active Directory \ Computers OU

2.Go to ManageEngine Portal -> Connect with your local admin user -> Admin -> Active Directory

Fill the required details and click Save:

Ensure you get thie message:

3. Click on ‘Import Requesters from Active Directory’

Fill the required details with a regular user from your Active Directory [for example: your.user]

Select the OUs you would like to import the objects (users/computers) from them – > Click Start Importing

Wait until it finishes to import all your active directory objects until it shows 100%

Ensure you see 0 near Failed Records, then Close Window

Done 🙂



ManageEngine Windows Server  – Postgre SQL Commands


1.First, Open CMD as admin in D:\ManageEngine\ServiceDesk\pgsql\bin -> Connect to PostgreSQL with this command:

D:\ManageEngine\ServiceDesk\pgsql\bin\psql.exe -U postgres -p 65432 -d servicedesk -h


Enable Local Authentication

update globalconfig set paramvalue='true' where parameter='Enable_LocalAuthentication_Login';


Find all active admins

select al.login_id"Login ID",au.first_name"Name","Login Name" from aaaauthorizedrole aar left join aaarole ar on aar.role_id=ar.role_id left join aaaaccount aa on aar.account_id=aa.account_id left join aaalogin al on aa.login_id=al.login_id left join aaauser au on al.user_id=au.user_id left join sduser sd on au.user_id=sd.userid where aar.role_id=4 and sd.status='ACTIVE';

Reset password for user

update AaaPassword set password='$your!new!password',SALT='$your!new!password' where algorithm='bcrypt' and password_id in (select ap.password_id from aaaaccpassword ap left join aaaaccount ac on ac.account_id=ap.account_id left join aaalogin al on al.login_id=ac.login_id where al.login_id=416');

Done 🙂