GPO – Auto logoff users from computer after idle time

1. Create new Group Policy Object and name it: ‘Auto logoff users after idle time of 60 mins’

2. Go to User Configuration -> Preferences -> Control Panel Settings -> Scheduled Tasks -> Right Click – New -> Scheduled Task (At least Windows 7)

3. Set the following parameters:

-l -f

4. After you save the first -> Right click on task and Copy -> Right click and Paste -> Edit task and change to ‘Update’ -> save as 2.

Like this:

5. Link the GPO to the Users OU where computers are located.

6. You just need to wait a little once computer apply new logoff policy. no restart is needed.

7. When the computer is locked and no operation has made for at least 60 minutes, then the user is logging off.


Enjoy 🙂