FreePBX – Include also client number when rep transfers call to his manager (from-internal-additional)

Between Extensions on same PBX:

For example:

Client (+44212345678) call from outside to public number->

Rep (from Queue) answers in his extension (Support Rep 5) and start call ->

After some time, Rep transfers the call to his Manager extension (Team Manager 1)

In default, Team Manager 1 views on his dialer only:

[From: Support Rep 5]



To include also Client number in the Team Manager view in addition to Rep, follow this setting in ‘Support Rep 5’ extension:

Go to Extension Settings -> Advanced -> Context: from-internal-additional

Then, If the example will occurs again, Team Manager 1 will see on his dialer:

[From Client: +4412345678] [Support Rep 5]



Between two PBX Servers:

To make it works also between different PBX servers, ensure these trunk settings include on both of them:


Go to Connectivity -> Trunks -> Trunk -> iax Settings

Example on PBX1:

Example on PBX2:


Enjoy 🙂