Chrome – Fix Click to Call Protocol Handler on version 77+

If your Google chrome browser version has updated to 77 or newer, you are not allowed anymore to set automatic click on link to open protocol

so now you need every time to select with mouse ‘Open’ before it rings.

Visual Example:


1.Close all Chrome tabs

2.Open Registry Editor as admin

3.Add this registry value:


On this key:


4. Set the value to: 1

5. Edit with Notepad++ as admin this file:

%LocalAppData%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Preferences

6. Search for the keyword safebrowsing.  there are 2 instances of the word. just before the 2nd, insert this string:



*Replace ‘psrsl’ with your own protocol.

7. Save the file

8. Reopen Google Chrome and click on the link again, now you are able to select ‘Always Open’!!!


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