Ping Monitor with restart router via telnet:

Download EMCO Ping Monitor Free from this links:

Official Ping Monitor Free download
or from here:

Then Install this program and configure the following:

Mailbox let’s configure later:


Now let’s Monitor hosts IP’s/DNS:


Now we have ping monitor working.


If you have Simple Router/WiFi Router and you want to make him reboot do the following:

  1. Check if telenet is working on your router

Run on ‘cmd’ this command (change to your ip router) :


If it’s working you need to see this:

If you don’t have telnet – Please check if your router have telnet and enable telnet service.

2. let’s make vb script for router restart (Change MyAdmin to your user name & MyPassword to your router password) :
Save this vbscript under c:\monitor\restart.vbs

set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")"telnet.exe"

WScript.Sleep 1500
WScript.Sleep 1500
'write the user name to the cmd window
WScript.Sleep 1500
'write the password to the cmd window
WScript.Sleep 1500
WshShell.SendKeys"dev reboot"

3. let’s create batch file and save it under c:\monitor\router.bat

wscript "C:\monitor\restart.vbs"

4. on ping monitor software right click on the host monitor and click “configure monitor settings…”


Now select “custom action”

select the batch script to run


That’s it ! Enjoy.




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